How to Break In New Cowgirl Boots Without Killing Your Feet

Finding the perfect pair of leather cowgirl boots is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, that wonderful moment is often followed by two weeks of blisters and pain as you break in your new shoes to get the perfect fit. Shoe experts often say that, when buying leather boots, the fit should be snug across the top of the foot, but you should be able to move your heel up and down. As you wear them, the leather will soften and mold perfectly to your foot. Luckily, there are a few tried and true methods of breaking in cowgirl boots that allow you to skip the pain and get straight to looking cute and feeling comfortable.

The Shoe Stretcher Method

If you find yourself having to deal with the break-in period for shoes often, then investing in a quality shoe stretcher might be the perfect solution. These devices sit down inside your boot and can be cranked to expand the shoe to your desired width. It takes a few days, but this method will save you from having to go through any pain at all. You will want to make sure to get a device made, especially for boots, as there are multiple kinds of stretchers.

The Heat Method

Another method for breaking in those new boots only requires items that you probably already have at home: a hairdryer and a pair of thick socks. For the heat method, put on a thick, cushioned pair of socks and pull on your new cowgirl boots. Next, blast those boots with your hairdryer for a few minutes, getting the leather nice and toasty. After heating the boot, flex, bend, and wiggle your foot as much as possible to get the leather loosened up. This method must only be used on leather or natural material shoes, as human-made material can become damaged or even melted under heat.

The Time Method

If you’re a patient person, then the best method may be just breaking in your new boots over time. To avoid pain and damage to your feet, start by wearing your shoes with very cushy socks for short periods at home. Don’t try to push it and wear your boots to work or somewhere that you cannot easily change shoes if you become uncomfortable. It may take a few weeks, but eventually, they will become stretched to your unique foot shape and will be comfortable enough to wear out and about. 

If you find the perfect boots but are worried they are just a bit too rigid and tight to be comfortable to wear, do not fret! Each of these methods has the potential to get your cowgirl boots ready for that relaxed, worn-in look that is so sought after and will save you from discomfort and painful blisters.

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